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At Otary, we start the development stage of an offshore wind project with feasibility studies for the wind farm's layout, the design of the foundations and the electrical infrastructure.

When we want to apply for a wind farm permit, we also conduct grid studies, examine the soil, the water and the wind, and prepare an environmental impact assessment report. In addition, we determine the contracting and financing strategy.

The required works are subsequently described in detail and divided into lots. Otary then enters into contract negotiations with suppliers for the design, delivery, installation and maintenance of the different parts of the offshore wind farm.

Once the contracts are almost final and we know the risk allocation, the financing strategy is implemented. Otary determines the financing of the wind farm in consultation with the shareholders, commercial banks and multilateral partner organisations. We then finalise the design, delivery and maintenance contracts.

Otary has all the expertise to manage and coordinate this process from start to finish.